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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
The sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure that limits dietary
intake by significantly reducing the volume of your stomach.
Generally it does not affect the absorption of food.  The left
side of the stomach is surgically removed. This results in a
smaller stomach which only holds approximately 2-3
Sleeve gastrectomy is performed laparoscopically through 4
or 5 small incisions.  It is simpler that gastric bypass since
the procedure does not involve re-routing  the intestines.  In
addition to causing weight loss by limiting food intake,
sleeve gastrectomy also removes a portion of the stomach
responsible for secreting the hormone ghrelin which results
in a lower ghrelin level.  This is a hormone is known to
stimulate hunger and appetite. Reported weight loss varies,
but it is generally reported that average weight loss is 50%
- 70% of a patients excess weight.  Most of the weight loss
occurs in the first year after surgery.

Potential complications include leakage from the staple
lines, bleeding, blood clots, vitamin and mineral deficiencies
and others.  The average mortality rate is 0.1%.  Dr.
Chlysta will discuss potential complications with you during
your appointment.
Sleeve Gastrectomy